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Sump Pump Well

Hancor's Sump Pump Well is manufactured with a molded lid that incorporates the Twist-Lock mechanism, allowing easy entrance and a secure close to the sump well. The lid makes old rusted bolts a thing of the past.

The Sump Pump Well is available in two sizes: 14-gallon (53 liters) is 24" (600mm) deep and 19-gallon (72 Liters) is 30" (750mm) deep. Both sizes comply with all applicable requirements of BOCA 73-78 and F.H.A. Material Release No.669. The Well is molded from heavy duty polyethylene for light weight and strength. It is completely corrosion proof and resistant to acid, alkali and frost. It will not crumble, break or rust.

Three pre-formed inlet collars accept 4" (100mm) corrugated polyethylene drainage lines from inside the basement perimeter or floor drains. These lines snap on the collars quickly and easily. A molded-in panel on the side of the sump (which normally faces the basement footer) is designed for accepting the outside basement perimeter drainage line at the height desired.



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