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Sewage Ejector Sump

In the Sewage Ejector Sump, Hancor offers a complete kit with all hardware and fittings to accommodate most standard submersible pumps, and the necessary inlet, discharge and vent lines.

The sump is made of heavy duty high-density polyethylene plastic which will not crack, crumble or corrode. It comes with pre-drilled and pre-cut inlet holes and a Schedule 40 PVC entrance gasket (hub adapter) which receives standard 4" (100mm) Schedule 40 PVC or ABS sewer pipe. Three additional inlets can be cut into the sump body at 90 degree increments around its circumference. Hub adapters to accept other piping materials are not available.

The sump lid is molded from high density polyethylene structural foam. It is pre-cut and pre-drilled to accept either 2" (50mm) or 3" (75mm) vent and discharge pipes. Rubber O-rings for these pipes, as well as rubber pump wire plug, are included in the kit. Pressure sensitive foam gaskets are used to seal the lid for safe, trouble-free use.


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